Code of Conduct

While at the club premises and functions, and in any other club-related matters, I will:
1. respect the privacy, rights and personal space of every person; 
2. act with high standards of decency, ethics and fairness towards every person; 
3. refrain from any behaviour, language, conversation or other acts that might cause offence to any person; 
4. obtain permission before taking photographs of people; 
5. comply with Australian laws, club rules, club by-laws and directions from management committee members; 
6. resolve any inter-personal issues I may encounter, giving due regard to the club values and this code of conduct; 
7. contribute towards a happy, cooperative, tolerant and trusting environment; and 
8. report any issues of concern promptly to the management committee. 

I acknowledge that if I fail to observe this code of conduct I will be required to explain my actions and/or behaviour to the management committee and disciplinary action may be taken - see also by-laws termination of membership section.