Members information barrier reef sun club

Families and couples are encouraged to come along for a few visits before joining.  

We maintain a gender balance within the club so singles may have to join our waiting list.

Current membership fees for this financial year ending 30/04/21 are:

Couple $160, single $110.00

Allocated long term sites $260 per year in addition to membership and camp fees

There are 4 sites currently for sale at the club (if interested please contact our secretary).  

Day visits for members: at no charge

BRSC Member camp fees (powered only):

 per night $15.00 

1 week $90.00 

2 weeks  $160.00 

1 month $320.00 

3 months  $920.00 

BRSC members with sites:

Camps fees $10.00 per night if their power is metered, otherwise as above.

Riverview caravan for hire:

$30.00 per night or $180.00 for 7 nights

Barrier Reef Sun Club - Our Values                                                                          
1. We value and respect all our members. 
2. We operate in a spirit of cooperation and teamwork. 
3. We communicate in a clear, open, direct and honest way with each other. 
4. We listen to and trust each other. 
5. We act fairly, ethically and with decency towards each other. 
6. We acknowledge our diversity and are accepting and tolerant of each other. 
7. We promote a healthy naturist lifestyle i
n harmony with nature.  
8. We encourage all our members to contribute towards a vibrant, dynamic and happy club. 

Barrier Reef Sun Club - Code of Conduct 

While at the club premises and functions, and in any other club-related matters, I will:

  • respect the privacy, rights and personal space of every person;

  • act with high standards of decency, ethics and fairness towards every person;

  • refrain from any behaviour, language, conversation or other acts that might cause offence to any person;

  • obtain permission before taking photographs of people;

  • comply with Australian laws, club rules, club by-laws and directions from management committee members;

  • resolve any inter-personal issues I may encounter, giving due regard to the club values and this code of conduct;

  • contribute towards a happy, cooperative, tolerant and trusting environment;  and

  • report any issues of concern promptly to the management committee. 


I acknowledge that if I fail to observe this code of conduct I will be required to explain my actions and/or behaviour to the management committee and disciplinary action may be taken - see also by-laws termination of membership section. 

Contact Us

TEL: 0473 449 109


ADDRESS: 146 Cedar Park Road, Koah

Please contact us by email well before you intend to visit.

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